Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club


Speaker Date Topic
Charles Turcotte Oct 26, 2017
The Vertical Completion Project

Charlie is currently the senior superintendent for the Walsh Construction Corporation and a 50 year member of the International Association Ironworkers. He has been involved a number of notable projects such as the Leonard Zackim cable stayed bridge in Boston as a part of the Big Dig project. The Vertical Completion Project was a  first of kind construction that involved adding 25 stories to the existing 30 story Illinois Blue cross/Blue Shield building.

Emily Chetkowski Nov 02, 2017
The story of the Newfoundland Pony
The story of the Newfoundland Pony

Emily is the Founder and Executive Director of the sanctuary at Villi Poni Farm, Jaffrey, NH. This sanctuary provides for 15 Newfoundland ponies and there only 41 in the entire United States. For Hundreds of years, thousands of Newfoundland ponies inhabited the rugged islands of Newfoundland, Canada, but were almost annihilated by the hands of people. As an advocate, Emily will tell the story of these extraordinary creatures.

Paula Matthews Nov 16, 2017
Time Management and Mastery
Christine Selmer Nov 30, 2017
Monadnock Adult Care Center

Christine is currently the Director and she will inform us of the mission and activities of the Monadnock Adult Care Center. The Center is part of the Monadnock Family Services. She joined the MFS in 200 as a two day a week nurse and later became the Assistant Director and then in 2006 became the Director of the Adult Care Center, housed at Monadnock Community Hospital. When the hospital planned its expansion, the MACC needed to fin a new home and Christine was instrumental in finding a home on North Street in Jaffrey. Prior to coming to MFS, Christine worked as a nurse at Harborside Healthcare in Peterborough, the Antrim Girls Shelter and MCH and Brockton Hospitals as a Medical/Surgical nurse. In 1983, she received her nursing degree from the New England Baptist School of Nursing. 

Steve Pelkey Dec 07, 2017
Atlas Pyrotechnics