Russ Robertson -- One Man Behind the Lens
Rotarian Harold Davis, who shot this picture of Russ, and Rotarian Russ Robertson have been busy taking hundreds of pictures of Camp BEST campers, Rotarians, Volunteers, counselors, and therapy dogs over the four weeks during which Camp BEST has been in session.  Many of these pictures will find their way into the Camp BEST Yearbook that is presented to campers during the upcoming school year. Also contributing many pictures has been Tom Doane.  Camp BEST concluded its four weeks on Thursday, August 1st.
Speaking of Therapy Dogs...
Rotarians Joe Manning and Bill Driscoll compare notes as one of the therapy dogs looks on.  The therapy dogs were big hits with the BEST campers, and each day found at least two different therapy dogs on campus.  I wonder what the pooch is thinking about Bill's colorful pants?
A Happy Camper and Happy Therapy Dog
Morning arrivals await the beginning of the day's events before assembling in the meeting room.  Therapy dogs were plentiful throughout the four weeks and readily available for hugs and pats from campers who responded enthusiastically to their presence.  Research shows that time spent with these pooches has a strong calming effect.
John McCarthy, Master Carpenter
Rotarian John McCarthy helps out a BEST Camper during an afternoon of assembling during the Woodworking workshop.  Over the years, campers have assembled bird houses, planters, and other items.
Woodbound Inn's Chef Rudy Hosts Cooking Class
BEST Camp Sixth Graders learn some of the nuances of baking, courtesy of Rudy Rosalez, owner of Woodbound Inn in Rindge.  Many BEST campers' families ate especially well that night!
Millipore's STEM Team Educates BEST Campers
Millipore's STEM team wowed BEST Campers with their program, which is designed to encourage learning and awareness of the importance of science and technology.  Judging by the look on this camper's face, something sure got his attention!!
Jaffrey Public Library Staff Poses for Pictures
Jaffrey Library Director Julie Perrin (3rd from Left) and her staff pose with Rotarians Owen, Sheila, and Bob.  Because of the efforts of Julie and her staff, Marek Bennett, the cartoonist, engaged students in creative learning activities during the first three weeks of Camp BEST.  Library staffers also interacted with BEST campers during the daily sessions.  Thank you, Julie and your staff!!
Who's THAT Behind Those Foster Grants?
None other than Peter Russell, as he interacts with Cameron, a BEST camper.  Rotarians fulfill the role of mentor to the nearly 90 campers who participate in the four-week Camp BEST program. 
Peter, Alan, and Clay
In order, Peter Davis, Alan Butanek, and Clay Hollister are pictured during Week FOUR of Camp BEST.  Alan, a retired psychologist, was especially helpful to Rotarians whenever a question arose relative to potential behavioral issues.