Eric Masterson and the Red-tail Hawk Migrations
Eric Masterson owns the distinct experience of having bicycled the migration route of the Broad-winged hawk from New Hampshire to Panama, as well as riding thermals in his hang glider.  Coordinator of the Harris Center's land protection and stewardship activities, Eric provided an entertaining and informative presentation on the migration patterns of a variety of different hawks at our breakfast meeting on October 3rd.  
Interactors Joined Rotarians for Breakfast
Conant Interactors joined us for breakfast and presented details of their "Purple Pinkie" program that will help to raise additional funds towards the eradication of polio.  Led this year by President Wren Wolterbeek (second from left), the Interact Club numbers about 50 students, all of whom are engaged in community service.
Russ Gaskamp -- IT Specialist, too!!
"Murphy's Law" always seems to make itself known at the worst possible time.  Fortunately, Russ Gaskamp was johnny-on-the-spot and quickly got Erik Masterson, our keynote speaker, up and running on our laptop.
Purple Pinkie Day -- October 24th
"Purple Pinkie" Day provides Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians an opportunity to donate, with each dollar raised matched twice by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Not only that, each Rotarian who donates gets a purple pinkie. Such a deal for doing a good deed.  The program is being driven by the Conant Interactors.
Hannaford's Major Donation
The photographer caught Rindge Hannaford's Store Manager and Rotarian Andy Harris on the "blink." Their recent used book sale at this popular supermarket resulted in monies being donated to a local non-profit, and the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club was the recipient of a check in excess of five hundred dollars.  Thanks, Andy!
Candid Snapshots at Breakfast
(TOP) Jed Brummer and Dan Anair; (BOTTOM) Roy Baldwin and Sam LaFortune. That's prospective Rotarian Alan Bartunek in the background.