Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club

Hi Fellow Rotarians,
We meet at the Woodbound Inn on Thursday, January 10th, at 7:15am.  Peter Russell has the Invocation.
Thursday will see us hosting two "meetings."  Jed Donelan from the New England Center for Civic Life (NECCL) will be our keynote speaker.  Jed will introduce Rotary to his organization and the deliberative practices used by the organization to engage in community dialogues on controversial, contemporary issues.  
We will be joined at this 8:30am forum (our second "meeting") by Peterborough Rotarians. Over a two-hour or so window, Jed Donelan will host a deliberative dialogue on the topic of immigration, using an issue brief developed by the National Issues Forums(NIF). This issue brief has been used to moderate dialogues across the United States.
The grant is specifically to host a community forum where conversation on immigration can be had.  The NECCL will host this community forum so that our Rotarians and visiting Rotarians can engage in a deliberative dialogue on this hot topic. Given the strong push for a "Wall" by President Trump, I am sure discussion on the pros and cons of his Administration's proposal will be quite vocal! 
All Rotarians in our Club are encouraged to attend in what should be a good, informative, and educational discussion.
Yours in Service,
Photographs courtesy of Harold Davis.