Hi Fellow Rotarians,
As would be expected, there is no Breakfast Meeting this week.  I trust all will enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Wherever your travels take you, both Diane and I wish you a most enjoyable Thanksgiving, a nice respite from our busy lives!
The Board of Directors met today.  A more proactive effort (rather than being reactive, e.g., responding to requests) on our Club's part is encouraged so that our members might recommend organizations and causes for which our Charitable Giving Committee might look to support.  We'll share more at our next meeting on Thursday, November 30th.  As Randy Morse shared at the end of our previous meeting, "Our challenge is to determine HOW to BEST use the money that we have." 
Dues due?  A few people are still remiss.  Bill Raymond awaits your payment!
I was pleased to host three guests last week -- Paula Matthews, Rashad Watson, and Katherine Goodall.  My thanks to Jed Brummer (Membership Committee) for joining me at breakfast at our table as we had a good five-some.  With all the usual "business" that is conducted during our fellowship prior to eating breakfast, it is important that ALL Rotarians pause and take a moment to ensure our guests feel MOST welcome when you introduce yourself to them.
Again, may each of you have a most enjoyable Thanksgiving.  In a world that is fraught with much misery and sadness, there are still many points of positive light that do good for others in our communities, country, and overseas.  YOU are those bright spots and for which I am thankful and privileged to serve at your president.
Let's eat some turkey!!
Yours in Service,