Jaffrey Food Pantry Accepts Rotary Annual Donation
Owen Houghton, Treasurer for the Jaffrey Food Pantry, accepts a monetary donation from Charitable Giving Chairperson Gail Therriault.  The Jaffrey Food Pantry provides needed food for dozens of Jaffrey-area families. 
Rindge Food Pantry Accepts Rotary Donation
Jennifer Marszalek (L), Committee Chairperson of the Rindge Food Pantry, and Stella van Reese-Walling, one of many Food Pantry volunteers, accept a check from Charitable Giving Chairperson Gail Therriault.  The Rindge Food Pantry provides assistance to 336 families in Rindge and in surrounding communities.  Rotary monies donated each year at this time come from the weekly Club 50-50 Raffle, with 50% of the monies raised going into the "pot" for eventual distribution to both Jaffrey and Rindge Food Pantries.
Speaking of Raffles... 
Jed Brummer won this week's 50-50 Raffle, and he promptly gave his winnings to Interactor Megan Graff, who then drew a card from the pack.  Lo and behold, the Queen of Hearts was selected, and Megan decided to donate the entire pot - $293 - plus the raffle winnings, to the Purple Pinkie Polio Eradication Fund-raising Drive.  Way to go, Megan!!
Interactors Enjoy Breakfast
Interactors -- seven of them -- joined us for breakfast on Thursday for the purpose of showing us a video on how Rotary was involved, followed by a painting of Rotarian fingers as part of the Purple Pinkie effort, designed to raise additional funds towards the world-wide eradication of Polio.  Enjoying a good meal were Siobhan, Megan Graff, Heather Gonyea, Megan Wheeler, Chelsea Dupuis and Erin Weidner. Many dollars were donated by Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians who had one of their fingers painted purple. 
Below, Jim Banghart and Andy Lown sport purple pinkies.  (Center) President-elect Jed Brummer, filling in for president Jon Frederick at Thursday's meeting, is about to get his pinkie "purpled" by Interactors Heather Gonyea and Siobhan.  Notice the blue surgical gloves -- those Interactors are smart.  No purple on their pinkies!!  (Bottom) Interact's Siobhan prepares to "purple" Bernie Hampsey while Gail Therriault awaits her turn.
Susan Emerson's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Good to have Susan Emerson back with us, along with her superb collections of chapeaux.
Ben Wheeler Offers Happy Fines Insights
Ben Wheeler offers Happy Fines insights that make Happy Fines an enjoyable experience as fellowship, good stories (and a few good-natured ribbings) are shared.
Rotarians Support Lions Mystery Dinner
Several Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians were seen at the Jaffrey-Rindge Lions Mystery Dinner at the Shattuck on Saturday night.  Gail Therriault (not seen, but on the far right), Owen Houghton (ditto), Sheila Bergeron, and Bob Schaumann enjoyed themselves at this Lions fund-raiser.  Gail (who is quite the "ham"), Owen, and Bob were selected from the audience to participate with the regular actors.  As "A.R. Pitt," Bob (wearing the fisherman's cap) was awarded the "Best Actor" award by the Mystery Theatre group entourage.