Good morning, fellow Rotarians,
I hope all is well. We will be meeting on Thursday, August 19th, at the Woodbound Inn at 7:45am.  The program agenda is still being finalized at this moment.   
As a reminder, we will be moving to Franklin Pierce University starting on Thursday, September 2nd, with a start time of 7:15am. 
As mentioned - due to CDC revised guidelines - the Rotary District is "strongly recommending" we return to wearing masks for inside meetings.  Based on this, the Board of Directors is "strongly recommending" we begin the mask protocol starting next week when we are moving about the breakfast meeting.  Please see the email below that was received from District Governor John Bob.
Enjoy your week!
Yours in Service,
CDC Updates Guidance on Mask Wearing for Indoor Meetings”
Summary:  Out of an abundance of caution we are recommending that clubs in areas which the CDC defines as having “substantial” transmission follow the new CDC guidance asking that all attending indoor meetings wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status.
As of 7 August this would include clubs in the following counties:
NH:  All Counties have substantial transmission except Sullivan County
VT:   Bennington County in southern VT
Why has CDC Updated its Guidance?
CDC has been tracking the seven day average case rate and percent positivity and in the past weeks they have seen significant increased activity across the country associated with the Delta variant.  At the following website you can view both the current situation (by State and County) as well as see the progression over time in a country-wide projection ( ).
These cases have been in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.  Importantly, people who have been vaccinated generally have mild disease and are not being hospitalized.  However, vaccinated people who become infected may be a risk to uninfected people and those with compromised immune systems.  So, wearing a mask will help protect them.
What are NH and VT Government Guidances?  The State of NH Best Practices guidance has not changed.  While that guidance, issued in May 2021, has removed all mandates it also notes that businesses, organizations, and individuals should review the CDC guidance.
The State of VT removed all CoVID restrictions in June and VTOSHA guidance in June refers employers to CDC guidance as well.
How long will this last and should we stop our in person and hybrid meetings?  We cannot predict when this will end, but we continue to monitor the data.  We appreciate the efforts for clubs to open up again and following these face covering guidelines is an added precaution that will help you continue that practice safely.  We hope that we may see what has been seen with Delta in the UK and India, where there was a sudden drop in cases, suggesting that the virus may have “burned itself out.”
Pictures from our August 10th meeting...
Cynthia McGuire, CEO of Monadnock Community Hospital
With nearly eighteen months of the pandemic behind us, CEO Cynthia McGuire shared some of the challenges experience by the Monadnock Community Hospital and lessons learned.  The Delta Variant has caused a major surge in the United States, as well as world-wide.  Cynthia entertained questions from Rotarians at the end of her presentation.  She also won the 50/50 Raffle... and donated it back to the Club! 
Many Rotarians Attended the Celebration of Life of Bill Driscoll
Funny stories abounded and good memories were shared by friends and relatives of the late Bill Driscoll at his Celebration of Life that was held at the Meetinghouse on Thursday, August 12th.  Many Rotarians and spouses were there to remember Bill -- a Korean War Veteran, a firefighter, a town "character," haberdasher extraordinaire, and - as we best remember him - a Rotarian and Friend.
Abigail Wheeler, Recipient of $2500 Rotary Scholarship
Past President Jed Brummer congratulates Abigail Wheeler (center), who was selected to receive the 2021 Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Scholarship.  The award, given annually, recognizes a young adult who graduates from an area high school and who "exemplifies academic excellence and service to community."  Abigail will matriculate at James Madison University in Virginia, majoring in elementary education. Looking on proudly is Ann Wheeler, Abigail's mother.
Arriving in Style!
Rotarian and Jaffrey Town Manager Jon Frederick has a nice set of wheels -- two of them!  Admiring Jon's motorcycle shortly after he arrived for Thursday's Breakfast Meeting are Rotarian "wannabe" bikers Clay Hollister, Jed Brummer, and Bruce Edwards.
Cathedral of the Pines 75th Anniversary
Executive Director of the Cathedral of the Pines and fellow Rotarian Patricia Vargas shared insights about the 75th Anniversary of the Cathedral of the Pines that - this past weekend - featured a number of programs, speakers, and the nearly 300-foot Vietnam Wall Traveling Memorial, which was open to the public.  Greg Walsh, a member of the Board of Trustees and a fellow Rotarian, shared additional insights, including the new Cathedral of the Pines pins and commemorative medallions that were struck for the celebration.
Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians Meet at Woodbound Inn in August
The Philly Photographer was at it again, taking pictures at our August 10th Breakfast Meeting.  Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians have welcomed again getting back to breakfast meetings, camaraderie and fellowship, good-natured ribbing, and interesting guest speakers.  We will meet at the Woodbound Inn until the end of August, at which time we will return (finally!!) to Franklin Pierce University on Thursday, September 2nd, with a meeting starting time at 7:15am and an ending time of 8:30am.