Hello fellow Rotarians,

May this email find you in good health and safe!
We have an in-person Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, December 9th, 8:00am, at the Cathedral of the Pines.
The Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club will meet via ZOOM on Thursday, December 10th, at 5:00pm. 
The first snowfall of the season is a reminder to bring in the wood, stay warm, and drink responsibly, which means don’t spill any!
A Rotarian in service,
Our Newest Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarian -- David Jeffries

David Jeffries, our newest Rotarian, receives his Rotary Pin from sponsor Clay Hollister, at the Hollister residence half-way up Mt. Monadnock. This "high" honor occurred in late November.  Welcome David!