Hi Fellow Rotarians,
Happy Groundhog Day.  I would have bet that Punxsutawney Phil wouldn't come out of his burrow to see his shadow, given the snow that fell overnight along the Atlantic Seaboard.  However, he awoke this morning at 7:25am to perform his Groundhog Day duties -- and as he saw his shadow, six more weeks of winter are forecasted.  Are we surprised??
We meet on Thursday, February 4th, via ZOOM, at 8:00am, and we have an interesting guest speaker in Matt Cabana, a Temple resident.  His topic, as he describes it, "Mount Monadnock is the Beacon that draws people to the area and we do focus on Monadnock, but Xplore Monadnock and Xplore Real Estate, which went live on Tuesday, is really about the people, places and things that make this area so special.  We expect that when the dust settles in the next few years that we will see growth in our region, and we are committed to preserving and protecting the natural resources that make this area so unique." 
Listen to Matt's three-minute video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtBHA_ITAbs&feature=emb_logo
Meanwhile, be careful out there.   I don't think the snow will melt too soon!
A Rotarian in Service,