Hi Fellow Rotarians,
Greetings from sunny Florida.  Hope everyone is dug out and with power. 
This week's meeting is back at Franklin Pierce University on Thursday, January 26th, at our regular time of 7:15am.
Tom Bennett will be our speaker; Bill Raymond is going to run the meeting.
Tom will update us on how FNEI's work in Nicaragua is progressing and give us an update and accounting of how
our 2022 Nicaragua donation is being invested.  I look forward to joining in on Zoom, which is available to everyone at https://us04web.zoom.us/j/77983347344?pwd=Thr82Bjmmvgnt3pxiRIWbiI11ryeTd.1 
NOTE:  Be advised that the weather forecast for Wednesday going into Thursday morning is dicey, as of this writing, with the possibility of another heavy snowfall.  Past practice has been that if the Jaffrey-Rindge Schools are closed, the Rotary meeting is cancelled.  Tom Bennett is willing to host his presentation via ZOOM, should schools be cancelled.  Thus, IF schools are cancelled, we will meet by ZOOM.  BYO(Coffee) and bagels. ]
Speaking about weather, thanks to Kathleene, Gail, Gas, and Donna, who trekked over to Hannaford's in Rindge to join Bob Schaumann on Monday at the Food Bank distribution.  A special shout out to Gas and his FPU football players who came out and helped.  The weather was... well... cold and snowy!
Yours in Service,