Hi Fellow Rotarians,
We meet at Woodbound Inn for our July 19th Breakfast Meeting.  Gail Therriault has the Invocation.
Please remember that our Breakfast meeting activities will begin earlier due to BEST.  Please plan on Breakfast at 7:10am so that we can depart no later than 8:15am and head to the Franklin Pierce campus.  Our own Russ Robertson will be our keynote speaker as he shares his experience pushing a good friend in his wheelchair the entire length of the New York Marathon... that's 26 miles!
We begin our second week of BEST Camp this week with close to 90 Middle School students participating.  Good to see many Rotarians, volunteers, and Interactors engaged.  So far, the weather has been good.  Fingers crossed...
Thursday of this week (July 19th) marks the return of the "Night of 1000 Cupcakes" -- as always, the Rotary is asked to participate as the "Cupcake Cops."  This event was last hosted by the Civic Center in 2016; an estimated 1500 citizens consumed over 3000 cupcakes.  Please wear your BEST or QUEST shirts.
President-Elect Jon Frederick will preside over our July 19th and July 26th meetings while I am over in England with Diane, visiting our family. Governor Sununu will be with us at the July 26th meeting to address our Club. From there, he will come to Franklin Pierce and address the BEST campers.
The positive news above is somewhat diluted as we learned on Sunday of the weekend passing of Steve Meyers, one of this Club's Founding Members and a former Treasurer.  Steve passed away at the young age of 53, leaving his wife, Amy, his son, Edward, and his daughter, Lucy.  At this time, we have been told that there will be a private service at a later date.  Our condolences to the Meyers family on this sad occasion.  Please keep Steve's family in your thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Service,