Hi Fellow Rotarians,
As some may know, Rotarian Peter Davis has been in the county nursing home sequestered for the last 3+ months. Due to the strict coronas virus regulations at the nursing home, Peter’s been unable to go anywhere, not even outside. Otherwise, he can't re-enter the facility to visit with Barbara, his wife.
So, instead of our weekly meeting, the plan is to rendezvous that morning at the Home Depot parking lot in Keene on Thursday, July 23rd, at 9 o’clock.  From there, Rotarians will caravan with the motorcycle escort provided by Ricky Cleveland to the county nursing home to see Pete.
We will gather in the nursing home parking lot. Owen Houghton will have the invocation, and Ricky Lambert and Bob Schaumann will provide the honor guard. Stephanie Niemela will have Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donuts. Peter will be inside at a designated window so he can wave at us, and we can wave back our best wishes to Barbara and Peter. My hope is to have a big turnout.
See you all at Home Depot, and - by the way - our State flower is the purple lilac.  The State dog is the chinook.
Yours in-service,
Photographs of our Woodbound Inn Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, July 16th, courtesy of Harold Davis.  Additional pictures may be found at https://photos.app.goo.gl/gDkoDHWGyvSekAk49
Wren Wolterbeek Honored as "Interactor of the Year"
With a smiling Mark Wolterbeek (L) approving, daughter Wren Wolterbeek, a graduating senior from Conant High School, was recognized by the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club as "Interactor of the Year."  In making the presentation, Rotarian Sheila Roberge (R), Rotary Advisor to the Interact Club, complimented Wren on her outstanding year as President of the 50+ member Interactor Club.  This was Wren's second year as Interact President.  Wren will be matriculating at Yale University in the Fall.  Club President Jed Brummer is in the background.
Proud Papa and Distinguished Daughter
Wren Wolterbeek poses with her father, Mark Wolterbeek, at the breakfast table shortly before Wren was recognized by the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club as "Interactor of the Year."  Wren was the class Valedictorian, Conant High School. Class of 2020.  The Wolterbeek's live in Rindge.
Dr. Tom Bennett Dispenses a Thoughtful Perspective
For four months, weekly Thursday morning meetings have taken place via ZOOM, with 18-25 Rotarians coming together at 7:15AM.  Should we reinstate breakfast meetings?  When discussion took place relative to reinstating breakfast meetings on a regular basis, Rotarian Tom Bennett shared some good perspectives regarding the coronavirus, potential risks, and the value of wearing masks. "There is a concern that the virus can be carried on aerosolized particles that can remain in the air much longer than droplets."  
Will There Be Football At Franklin Pierce University in the Fall?
That was the big question, as Rotarian and FPU Head Football Coach Russ Gaskamp awaited word from the Conference.  That same day, a decision was made to reluctantly cancel all conference sports due to the pandemic.  This affects all sports at FPU, including football.  Who's holding the mic?  Our President - Jed Brummer - who, to limit excessive handling of the microphone, roamed the room to collect money.
What Is Stephanie Pondering? 
Looking studious, our masked Team Jaffrey leader and Rotarian Stephanie Porter ponders a Happy Fines comment by a fellow Rotarian.
Who's That?
If it weren't for the badge, our masked "beardless" Past President Jon Frederick might not be recognized.  Jon contributed some bucks to the pot for Happy Fines, as did many Rotarians, which helped to make up for monies not collected the past four months while ZOOM conferencing.