Hi Fellow Rotarians,
Summer is in full swing, and I am very proud that my daughter, Lily, will be speaking to us at our next meeting.  We will meet on Thursday, July 28th, at 7:30am, at the Cathedral of the Pines.  Dunkin' coffee and Munchkin donuts will be available.
Lily Russell-Hooks just transitioned from leading a Responsible Sourcing Strategy team at Nike to Google, where she is now responsible for implementing Google's company-wide Net Zero Carbon Goal in collaboration with their vendors.  Lily will be speaking about supply chain, carbon, and other sustainability "buzzwords," and how two large but very different companies - Nike and Google - are addressing them.  It will be interesting. 
Hope you can be there.
Yours in Service,
Peter Russell
Photographs from our Breakfast Meeting on July 19th at Franklin Pierce University
President Peter Russell's First Meeting!
Following a series of negative tests for Covid, President Peter Russell presided over his first meeting of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club.  In what may have been a first for the Club, our Breakfast Meeting was held upstairs in the Multi-purpose Room.  Twenty Rotarians had a good time, ate well, and learned about the Applied Technology Center later on in the meeting,
Jennifer Kiley, Guest Speaker -- Applied Technology Center
Perhaps one of the best kept "secrets" and one that would benefit by additional exposure to parents and high school students is the Applied Technology Center, headed up by Director Jen Kiley.  In her role, she is responsible for Region 14, which includes several high schools in Cheshire County.  Rotarians were treated to a video that showed the many different trades and programs that are available to students in the Monadnock region, including Conant and nearby ConVal.  A healthy number of Rotarian questions that followed her presentation suggested good interest in Jen's message.
The Missing E" Has Been Located!
This time, the plaque is right, and with two "e's" in Wheeler.  Ben proudly displays his plaque given to him on Gavel Night.  Not sure what he will do with the original placard that recognized "Benjamin E. Wheler," but the bottom-line message is still the same, i.e., Ben, thanks for your outstanding leadership in 2021-2022. 
Our New Happy Fines Collector!
Sam LaFortune wasted no time demonstrating she'll do well in her new role with collecting Happy Fines.  She even gave Jed Brummer a run for his money!

Speaking of Happy Fines...
 The photographer caught several Rotarians sharing the "latest and greatest" news... and all for the payment of a Happy Fine that cost each a few dollars.
It's Absolutely Official !!
With the arrival of Tom Frazier's badge, he is absolutely and officially a Rotarian!  President Peter presented our newest Rotarian with his badge at Thursday's Breakfast Meeting. By the way, Tom's wife, Mary, joined other Rotarians at Bob Schaumann's home on Saturday morning, and was a tremendous contributor to the team of six that discussed the exploration of a Ukrainian resettlement program.