Hi Fellow Rotarians,
It's good to be meeting again in person.  Our Thursday, July 29th, meeting of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club will again be at the Woodbound Inn.  Fellowship starts at 7:45am, with our formal meeting beginning at 8:00am, at which time breakfast will be served.
With thunderstorms scheduled for southwest New Hampshire this evening and rain much of the morning on Wednesday, it seems we are having a VERY wet July.  Memories of nearly 8" of rain the weekend before still remain.  The Towns of Jaffrey and Rindge and their emergency services were put to the test.  Our guest speaker this Thursday is Todd Croteau, Jaffrey's Superintendent of Highways and Facilities, who will share with us how his team coped with the massive rainfall, the challenges they faced, and how damage was minimized to our roadways.  Complementing Todd's perspective, our own Jon Frederick will share additional insights.
Good news... after an absence of nearly 18 months, we will be heading back to Franklin Pierce University for our weekly breakfast meetings once school begins in mid-August.  Stay tuned for a date for our return.  
Remember August 4th -- Owen Houghton will be looking for Rotarians to help with the annual First Church parking from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
Yours in Service,
Pictures from our Thursday, July 22nd, meeting:
Elm City Rotary's Patty Farmer Receives Check from Charitable Giving
Patty Farmer, Elm City Rotary in Keene, receives a check from Gail Therriault, Charitable Giving Chairperson, to support that Rotary Club's Follow ME (Mover Everyday) Sneakers project. During the months of May and June, the  Elm City Rotary club delivered more than 600 pairs of New Balance sneakers to second graders at 27 schools in the Monadnock region, including grade schools in Jaffrey and Rindge. In addition, they brought frisbees and jump ropes for more than 630 third graders whom they were unable to visit last year due to pandemic-related school closures.  Their Club also gifted each school with a set of double dutch ropes!  Following the presentation, Patty was our Guest Speaker.
Rotary Raffle Party is Coming!
President Ben Wheeler updates the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club on the Raffle Party that will be hosted at a new location this year, Woodbound Inn, in late October.  Let your friends know that you will have tickets shortly!
Karyn Wears Her Pin -- Do You?
Rumor has it that if you are not wearing your pin, Happy Fines will tap your wallet for a buck!
Owen Houghton is Back... and Up to His Old Tricks
Unbeknownst to Bernie Hampsey, Owen Houghton hams it up for the camera.  Owen reminds us of the August 4th First Church Fair and our annual participation to help with parking from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
The Roaming Cameraman...