Thank you, Rotarians, for making the pilgrimage to Maplewood Nursing Home. Peter and Barbara were very grateful. Special thanks goes to Bob Schaumann, Ricky Lambert, and Ricky Cleveland for their military service. Our Sergeant at Arms, Stephanie Porter, was right there with coffee and donuts. Thanks, Steph! 
Not to be outdone, Susan Emerson provided colorful posters for Pete and Barbara.
To take advantage of beautiful summer weather, this week’s meeting of the Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary Club will be held at the Cathedral of the Pines at 4:30pm, Thursday afternoon, July 30th. It will be a combined regular meeting and fellowship. BYOB and hors d’oeuvres, just as we did at Gavel Night.
Our Jaffrey/Rindge Scholarship recipient, Jillian Patria, will be recognized at our Cathedral meeting. I hope many can attend to enjoy good fellowship on what promises to be a nice Thursday afternoon.

Did you know that the State of New Hampshire was first known as North Virginia?
See you all soon! 
Yours in Service,
Over three dozen pictures of our June 23rd meeting that took place at the Maplewood Nursing Home, courtesy of Harold Davis, are found at
Our Rotarian of the Day -- Peter Davis
The Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary Club travelled to Westmoreland to the Maplewood Nursing Home.  From inside the facility, a smiling Peter Davis was happy to see his fellow Rotarians.  Over twenty Rotarians and guests were present to extend good wishes to both Peter and his wife, Barbara.
Why Not? Let's Bring the Rotary Meeting to Peter!
Because of the pandemic and so that he might see his wife, Barbara, on a regular basis, Rotarian Peter Davis, at his own expense, has been a resident at the Maplewood Nursing Home for the past three months as a caregiver for Barbara.  Otherwise, were he to leave and because of the pandemic, he would not be allowed to re-enter the building.  That's Peter behind the window, along with Barbara (not visible), and many Rotarians who came to wish the married couple (60 years!!) good wishes.  We miss you, Peter!
Rotary - When You Care Enough to Send The Very Best
    (Sorry, Hallmark...)
The signs say it all. No further explanation necessary.  We miss you, Peter!