Hi Fellow Rotarians,
We meet at Woodbound Inn for our Thursday Breakfast Meeting.  Tonya Albee has the invocation.  We will return to The Shattuck for our remaining August meetings, beginning August 9th.
It is good to be home again, although leaving our daughter in England and her family was difficult, as many of who have adult children and/or grandchildren far from New Hampshire have similarly experienced.
My thanks to Jon Frederick for holding down the fort the past two weeks.  With Governor Sununu’s visit last week and with BEST Camp winding up this week, it’s been a busy month for Rotarians.
August finds Rotarians going to the Peterborough Players Thursday evening, August 9th – if you are planning to go and haven't already done so, please submit your $36-per-ticket check to Don Upton. 
Don’t look now, but the Fireworks Festival is almost on our doorstep.  Mike Shea will be looking for help on Saturday morning and Sunday morning, August 18th and 19th, to prepare, distribute, and pick-up “No parking” signs.  In case you are wondering, Rotary will not be selling bottled water at the Festival.
See you at BEST Camp on Wednesday and at Thursday's Breakfast meeting – Joe Manning is our keynote speaker.  He'll share stories about growing up in the small Massachusetts town of Truro.
Yours in Service,