Hello fellow Rotarians,
Due to the Memorial Day holiday week, there will be no meeting on Thursday of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club..  Our next meeting will be June 10th at 8:00am at the Cathedral of the Pines.  Our guest speaker will be New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner. 
It was nice to see so many Rotarians at Barbara Davis’ and Alan Clapp's memorial services. Two wonderful people to remember.
Thank you to all the Interactors that handed out American flags during the Memorial Day parade on Monday.
Please mark on your calendar June 24th.  This will be our annual Gavel Night at the Russell's at 5:00pm.  Thank you, Peter and Jinnie, for once again hosting this annual event.  More details to follow!
A Rotarian in-service,
Pictures courtesy of Bob Schaumann
Two New Rotarians Inducted -- Patricia and Karyn
Flanked by their sponsoring Rotarians Bob Schaumann and Russell Gaskamp, Patricia Vargas (second from left) and Karyn Andreozzi (second from right) are the newest Rotarians to be inducted into the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club.  Presiding over the induction ceremony is President Jed Brummer.
Karyn Andreozzi Proudly Displays Her Certificate
Karyn Andreozzi, a senior at Franklin Pierce University, proudly displays her Certificate of Membership.  Joining the ceremony from Florida via ZOOM was her Rotarian grandmother, Paula, along with her mother and significant other from New England. 
Patricia Vargas, Executive Directer, Cathedral of the Pines, and New Rotarian
Patricia Vargas, the Executive Director the Cathedral of the Pines, joins Karyn Andreozzi as our two newest Rotarians.
Bill Coleman from Rindge -- Future Rotarian
Rindge's Bill Coleman first met Rotarians at the March Food Bank distribution at Hannaford's.  This is his second Rotary meeting, and we look forward to Bill's joining us on June 10th for his third meeting.  We may have an induction at our June 24th Gavel Night to welcome Bill to our Jaffrey-Rindge Rorary Club!
David Jeffries -- No Longer Our "Newest" Rotarian
Heard at our most recent meeting from David Jeffries lips, "Does this mean I am no longer the newest Rotarian?"  Absolutely, David!  We enjoy your sense of humor!
Dr. Fred Rogers, Franklin Pierce University - Our Guest Speaker
Hard to believe that millions of years ago that Mt. Monadnock was surrounded by other mountains, perhaps reminsicent of the Swiss Alps.  That's what Dr. Fred Rogers, Professor of Geology at Franklin Pierce University, shared in his interesting stories of what southwest New Hampshire looked like as Mother Earth's land mass was being formed.  Today's "turkey tracks" that we see on rocks when hiking up any of the trails to the summit originally were buried one to five miles BELOW the surface.  Such was the upheaval as a younger Earth was being formed.  What remains of what was once a series of mountains, now buried under the surface as a result of hundreds of millions of years of geologic formation, is this view that we all know so well:
Rotarians Enjoy Cameraderie of Once Again Getting Together
The smiling faces say it all.  It's good to be meeting again live and in person!