Fellow Rotarians,
Welcome to June!  (Gavel Night is coming soon!) 
With the Governor extending our Stay at Home order by two weeks, we will meet again on Zoom on Thursday morning at 7:15am.  Clay Hollister will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Owen Houghton will sing America the Beautiful.
We will be joined by our scheduled guest speakers, Patty Farmer and Glenn Galloway, from the Elm City Rotary Club.  They will be speaking to us about their success in recruiting members.  I am sure the conversation will lead to how their club has handled the COVID-19 crisis.
Below is an email from District 7870 about a fun fundraising evening taking place this SaturdayJune 6th, at 7:30pm:
Hello Rotary Club Leaders,
We're having a little party - Why? Because we continue to do great things and we deserve to celebrate together and with the community. Here's the simple points of why you should care and buy your ticket right away! Tickets are already selling; buy yours, invite your fun loving friends, share with club members, and get ready to get down! Below you'll see the invitation and a quick step-by-step attachment that will help you succeed at the Stayin' Alive (at Home) Disco Gala. If you have any questions or comments, give us a shout! 
·  Who – 500 Donors recruited by District 7870 members
·  What – An on-line 75 minutes of Zoom music, dancing, COVID updates and just plain fun “Stayin’ Alive (at Home) Disco Gala” to raise funds for our clubs
·  When – June 6th, 7:30pm - 8:45pm
·  Where – Online (Zoom), the link to the event will be sent to you the week of the event.
·  Why – Raise money for our clubs to support local restaurants and your local heroes during this pandemic.
·  Why now/so quickly:  Our states are opening up; people are tired of Stayin’ at home. As the states are likely to be opening up more at the end of May/early June; we want to help people “Break Out” of their confinement with a celebration. 
·  How – Purchase your tickets at 7870gala.com, click "Join Us" or "Donate", put in your information and your choose your club. You share this link with friends of your Rotary, asking them to donate a minimum of $20 through the website in the name of your club.  Their reward - they get an invite to join the “Stayin’ Alive Disco Gala” event.  After the event, the money you raised is returned to you (minus Credit Card processing costs - around 3%) to buy gift certificates to local restaurants and then pass them out to your local heroes (and you make sure to get press coverage of that event).
·  Compelling points for Rotary clubs
·  The fundraiser is already planned by the District Public Image team – no planning needed by the local clubs.
·  Money raised from donations by local clubs comes back to their local club.  
·  You will have a template to use for your future fundraising (helpful if you’ve had outdoor events canceled, like many of us have), especially if there are future cycles of lockdowns because of COVID resurgence.
·  We can make this an annual event, perhaps just for Rotarians who can’t get together, for sharing fun and information.
Virtual Cocktail kits will be available for purchase within the week. I'll follow up this email with that and other food options. 
Catch the Boogie Fever,
Disco Gala Committee
(Rotarians Kevin Kelly, Sonya Deros, Frank Malinoski, Steve Puderbaugh, Ken Yie, Samantha Cassista, Bob Schaumann, Deana Arden, Sandra McGonagle, Chris Ware, Nancy Russell and not-yet Rotarian, Jon Noury-Elliard)
Have a great week and see you on Thursday!
Service Above Self
One Profits Most Who Serves Best