Fellow Rotarians,
First of all, I want to congratulate Jon, Tonya, John, and Randy for their service to the Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary Club and our two communities. It was a great Gavel Night and a good way to say thanks to them, especially President Jon, who completed a successful year as our President.
As the Fourth of July is on Saturday, we will not meet this Thursday.  Our next meeting will be via ZOOM on Thursday morning, July 9th, with a social quarter hour at 7:15am.  The actual business meeting will begin, as usual, at 7:30am.
As I look ahead, there are several opportunities for the Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary Club to have additional impact in our two towns.  Given that this is our last year of Camp BEST, opportunities exist to reach out to children at risk.  One community project that we might wish to consider would be to look at the old Crocker Junkyard on Rt. 202, and restore it as a children’s playground. 
For the Rotary to remain relevant, we will create achievable goals that will resonate in both Jaffrey and Rindge. I look forward to working with our Interactors, welcoming foreign exchange students, moving forward with our Nicaragua project, and pursuing the possibility of a Rotaract at Franklin Pierce University, along with other projects agreeable to my fellow Rotarians. More to follow…
Have a happy and safe Fourth of July.
Yours in Service,
Outgoing President Jon Frederick Reflects on The Past Year
President Jon Frederick reflects on his year as Jaffrey/Rindge 2019-2020 President, a year in which the pandemic called for a radical change in how the Club met and functioned.  Jon thanked his fellow Rotarians for all that they did and that contributed to yet another good year for the Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary Club.
Incoming President Jed Brummer Shares His Reflections
Incoming President Jed Brummer capitalized on the opportunity to share good words about the upcoming year, and he looks forward to a great year in 2020-2021! Within his remarks on several topics, Jed reflected his desire that we continue our commitment to youth and reach out to children in our two communities, especially now that Camp BEST is coming to an end.
Past President Jon Frederick Recognized With Rotary Plaque
President Jed Brummer congratulated outgoing President Jon Frederick on a great year, and presented him with a plaque that recognized Jon's good work and service as Jaffrey/Rindge Rotary President, 2019-2020. More than 30 Rotarians and their guests came to Gavel Night, this year at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge.
How Sweet It is!!
Jon Frederick, who enjoys Jim Beam Black, received his second bottle of libation that night, this time as a gift from President Jed Brummer.
Clay Hollister Introduces John McCarthy, Paul Harris Fellow!
Rotarian John McCarthy, who has been strongly involved with the Rotary Youth Exchange and the Nicaragua Project Rotary International Foundation Grant effort, was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow during Gavel Night festivities.  Clay Hollister introduced John as our newest Paul Harris Fellow for his fine and detailed work that resulted in making many things happen over the years. Pinning John is fellow Paul Harris recipient Randy Morse.
Recognizing Tonya Albee, Camp Quest/BEST Chair
Tonya Albee has served as Chairperson of Camp BEST (formerly Camp QUEST) for ten years.  The Club recognized Tonya's contributions, which have benefitted several hundred Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School children over the years, with a beautiful engraved glass vase. 
We'll Miss You, Randy Morse!
Randy Morse, after seven years as a Jaffrey/Rindge Rotarian, was recognized with a Rotary Clock with engraved sentiments.  Randy will be leaving us as he heads south, along with Barbara, to new opportunities.  Randy has served the Club in a number of capacities, most recently as Membership Chair and Club Secretary.  We will miss you, Randy -- come back and see us!!
Tables are Turned on Bob!
On the lighter side, one of President Jon's last duties before turning over the gavel was to turn the tables on Bob Schaumann, Past President, 2017-2019.  Teamed with Jon at the recent Roadside Clean-up, Bob "trash talked" Jon during their friendly competition to see who could find the most discarded bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, a beverage known for its unique ability to make its way to the sides of roadways.  Jon presented Bob with a 20-pack container of 1-oz. Fireball bottles, which Bob is sure to enjoy when no one is looking.  "It tastes good chilled, I am told," Jon said.  A moment later, Bob presented Jon with a bottle of Jim Beam Black, noting it to be the superior libation!