Hi Fellow Rotarians,
We meet at Franklin Pierce University for our Breakfast Meeting on Thursday.  Misty Start has the Invocation.
We have a very full docket for our Thursday meeting.  Reverend David Jadlocki, Pastor of the Rindge First Congregational Church, and Reuben Duncan, Superintendent of Schools, will receive a check from our Charitable Giving Committee for the Got Lunch Food Pantry that will open in the Fall of 2018.  We also have our Student of the Month award.  We will finish up our morning with Liz Larose, Executive Director for the United Way, who will update us on some of their activities.
March Madness continues -- if not the weather, the basketball season!  Villanova made it to the Final Four!  In the meantime, the "pot" continues to grow and the number of cards in the deck continues to dwindle.  Will this week be the lucky winner?   
Yours in Service,