Hello fellow Rotarians,

There are two Rotary meetings this week.  The first is the Board of Directors' meeting at The Cathedral of the Pines, Wednesday, May 12th, at 8:00am.  The second is the weekly meeting of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club on Thursday, May 13th, at 8:00am via ZOOM.  Chat begins at 7:45am.
Although we don't have a guest speaker this week, the schedule is firming up for some good informative sessions over the next month.  Dr. Fred Rogers, a professor at Franklin Pierce University, will join us on May 27th.  You'll learn about what you "see" daily - but perhaps on which we don't reflect, geologically speaking - as we drive around our southwest corner of New Hampshire.
After last week's meeting, I think we can conclude that we have two very competent police chiefs in both Jaffrey and Rindge. Good meeting and VERY informative.  Thanks, Chief Muilenberg and Chief Anair!
The Board will review the slate of proposed Board members for 2021-2022 for presentation to the Club.  Here is the proposed slate:
        President: Ben Wheeler
        Immediate Past President: Jed Brummer
        President Elect: VACANT
        Vice President: David Jeffries
        Treasurer: Bill Raymond
        Secretary Bob: Schaumann
        Sargent-at-Arms: VACANT
        Director 2023: Gail Therriault
        Director 2023: Sam LaFortune
        Director 2024: Russell Gaskamp
        Director 2024: Donna Senechal

A Rotarian in-service,