Happy Tuesday, Fellow Rotarians,
The weather has taken a slight change for the worse from last week; it sounds like we may see the sun again tomorrow and/or Thursday.   I hope everyone is having a productive week.
Below is our upcoming schedule:
  • Thursday, 10/28 = weekly breakfast meeting at 7:15am at FPU.
  • Thursday, 11/04 = weekly breakfast meeting at 7:15am at FPU.
  • No meeting the week of 11/11 due to Veteran’s Day Holiday. 
  • District Wide Conference on Saturday & Sunday 11/13 and 11/14 @ Church Landing Resort in Meredith, NH (member optional – please reach out to me if you are interested in attending).
Please coordinate with Raffle Co-Chairs Stephanie Porter and Jon Frederick on the sale of your assigned raffle tickets.  Our goal (read: expectation) is to sell all 2,000 tickets before Thursday, 11/18.   This equates to roughly 50 tickets per member; given the modest cost of each ticket, this should be easily achievable.  If you do not have your tickets yet, please pro-actively reach out to either Stephanie or Jon.   
Good news front: Dr. Rudra Aryal, a Physics Professor at FPU, attended last week’s meeting and has indicated a desire to join our Club!  Please reach out to introduce yourself to him; the Membership Committee will be assisting in the formal process of taking Dr. Rudra through the process. 
October (although it is almost over) is Economic & Community Development Month for Rotary International.
November is Rotary Foundation Month and December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday morning at FPU.
Have a great week!  
Yours in service,
From the Photographer's Desk.... Meeting of October 21st
Student of the Month, Nathan Davis
Student of the Month for September was Nathan Davis, an 8th Grader from the Heritage Christian School.  An avid soccer player, Nathan was recognized with positive words by his teacher, Mrs. Allen (far right), that resulted in his nomination.  Joining Nathan (third from Left) are his proud parents, brother, and sister.
Laurel McKenzie, Conant High School Robotics Team
Laurel McKenzie, past Chairperson of the SAU47 School Board, is now involved with the Conant High School Robotics Team.   Sharing some of the details of the Team and pictures of their fellow Robotics team members were two students who presented several PowerPoint Slides.
Raffle Tickets Are Available !
Raffle tickets are available!  There they are!!  See Stephanie Porter or Jon Frederick when your supply runs low.  This year's Raffle Party item will be part of our major fund-raising effort for this year.
Prospective Rotarian, Dr. Rudra Aryal
Joining us at our most recent meeting was Franklin Pierce University Professor Dr. Rudra Aryal, a long-time friend of President Ben Wheeler.  Rudra teaches courses in physics at FPU.  Welcome, Rudra!
Kathleene Card Has the "Magic Touch"
Greg Walsh and Kathleene Card chat before breakfast began.  Twice in the last three months, Kathleene purchased her raffle tickets and handed them to Bob Schaumann before she left for an early morning meeting, with instructions that if her ticket is the winner, to give the proceeds to a certain designee. Twice Bob held the ticket for Kathleene, and twice she won!!  The lucky recipient of the weekly pot this time:  Nathan Davis, our Student of the Month!