Good morning, fellow Rotarians,
We had a successful roadside pick up, thanks to a crew of ten, two of who were non-Rotarians. With just eight Rotarians, Mike Shea is giving a heads up for the spring turn out - we need help. Thank you, Ginny Russell and Dick Reynolds.

This week's meeting will be in person at Woodbound Inn at 7:15am on October 29th; the cost of the breakfast, including tax and tip, will be $11.00.  Please bring cash or check.
'Tis the hunting season, and I tried to get an officer from Fish & Game; it was a longshot, and I missed.  They said, "Can’t speak until after the hunting season due to being undermanned and overworked." Still looking for a speaker, if anyone has a suggestion.
Don’t forget to mask up and keep social distance.  See you all Thursday, smiling and awake.
A Rotarian in service,