Hi Fellow Rotarians,
We meet at The Shattuck for our Club Assembly on Thursday, August 23rd.  Ben Wheeler has the Invocation.
A special shout-out to all Rotarians who helped with Fireworks Festival signage repair, distribution, and retrieval.  It went smoothly, and we finished before the Saturday morning downpour by thirty minutes!  Special thanks to Mike Shea and Belletetes, not only for Mike's chairing this effort, but for the considerable donation of Belletete facilities, tools, metal screws, etc.
Two main topics for discussion at Thursday's Club Assembly include the November 2nd Raffle Party (Misty) and the Nicaragua Project (Travis and John).  We look forward to their updates.
A friendly reminder that dues are due... Bill Raymond already has enough on his plate, so please make his job easier by sending him your check, which covers dues and breakfasts for the next six months.  Thanks, in advance, for doing this.
Yours in Service,
Club Photos by Harold Davis