Greetings fellow Jaffrey-Rindge Rotarians,
The Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club will not meet this week because of the Presidents' Day holiday.  Nonetheless, we do have some information to share, and we invite you to get involved in club activities this week even though we are not meeting.
FUND RAISING --  After receiving recommendations from a group of our past presidents, the club's Board of Directors discussed fundraising at our monthly meeting last Wednesday, and we came up with a plan that was discussed at our Club Assembly on Thursday.  We arrived at the following decisions:
  • We will hold a golf event on Wednesday, May 15, at the Shattuck Golf Course.  The focus of this event will be to have some fun, raise some money, and encourage new memberships in the club. Thanks to Coach Gas for setting this up.
  • In the fall we will hold a second fundraising event at the Woodbound Inn. The only date available for this fall event is Saturday, October 26th.  The details of this event, including cost of tickets, whether to hold a raffle and/or auction; how to get all of our members involved in supporting this event, and how to fill the Woodbound Inn's capacity of 180 persons are all details that were discussed.  Further conversations will be held this week with Woodbound management so that we might present a well thought-out plan to our Rotarians.
These planned events signal an exciting return to a more active status for our club after several years of coming out of a pandemic-induced slow down.  Yet to make our efforts successful, we will need every member of our club to be involved and to help bring in other members of the community. There are a couple of other things we want to mention here, because not every member of our club can attend all of our meetings:  
After School Program --  Plans to explore an after-school program for Jaffrey grade school students are moving forward, albeit slowly and deliberatively.  Bob Schaumann and Sheila Bergeron have met twice with the Jaffrey Grade School principal, and another meeting is scheduled next week.
Interact/Rotary trip to the Dominican Republic -- The Interact club is well along with their plans for a service/fun trip to the Dominican Republic from April 26 - May 3rd.  This will be the second trip for the Interact to this country. Last year's trip was a great success.  This year, members of our Rotary club are invited to participate.  For Rotarians, the travel agenda and accommodations would be slightly modified, with the cost slightly higher than what the Interactors pay.  A rough estimate for Rotarians should be around $2,000, including airfare. Anyone interested in learning more should immediately get in touch with John McCarthy.    
Yours in service, 
John and Bill