Rotary Supports January the Monthly Community Supper at the United Church of Jaffrey
Quite a few Rotarians came out to help with the monthly Community Supper that is held at the United Church of Jaffrey.  Over the three hours that the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club was there cooking pasta, setting things up, washing dishes, and a host of other activities, over a dozen Rotarians came down to help.  This "candid" picture shows those Rotarians that were there at the end.  Spirits were high and everyone had a good time!  Thanks to all who came down to help!
Interactors Provided Great Support
No fewer than a half-dozen Interactors from Conant High School came down to help at the United Church of Jaffrey Community Supper.  Serving food, baking desert (the Cannoli spread was "to die for"), setting up, or you-name-it, they did a great job!!
Rotary's Joe Manning Washed A Lot of Dishes 
We wonder if Joe Manning does this at home, but we didn't ask Marcie.
Dishwashers Emeritus
Rotarians Bruce Edwards, Andy Lawn, and Joe Manning did the brunt of the dishwashing chores.  Nearly 50 local citizens showed up at the Community Supper and enjoyed a tasty American Chop Suey dinner with salad, garlic bread, and desert.  Not a dish was dropped -- good work, guys!
Saint Sheila Bergeron??
Don't look now, but has Sheila Bergeron become a saint?  The metal halo surrounding her head sure suggests that this is the case! I suppose it all depends on how you look at it!  After all, we were in a CHURCH.